Human Resources Services

Our specialists in human resources will help you find the right people for your organization.

It doesn’t matter if your recruitment efforts in Romania are focused on the medical representatives or on the middle and top management. With our deep knowledge and relevant experience in the Romanian pharma market, we will identify the ideal candidate for the position you are trying to fill within your Romanian branch.

Our human resources services are complex and take into account every part of the recruitment process. More details

Dictionary of skills

Includes general and specific skills (sales, IT, financial, leadership) validated for 5 levels of effectiveness. Behavioral indicators accompanying every level of competence are conceived by developments stages.


The assessment of employees can be made based on skills profiles adequate for the occupied jobs. There are provided evaluation reports that emphasize the competences oriented toward the performances and competences that need improvements.

Performance planning

Stimulates goal-oriented management, establishing performance plans and relevant skills that can be used. It allows managers to monitor the fulfillment of objectives by subordinates.


Can be developed personalized learning plans based on the identified needs after the skills evaluation, at the same time being identified the necessary resources. At every moment can be monitored and evaluated the achieved progress by comparison with the job profile.


Allows the constructions of interview guides by using behavioral questions associated with every level of competency. The established evaluation scale facilitates the selection between candidates by using similar benchmarks.