About CSO

Contract Sales Organization

Contract Sales Organization is a modern method of cost reduction and profit efficiency.

Known as Contract Sales Organization (CSO), the promoting by outsourcing teams in the pharmaceutical market is a successful alternative for the pharmaceutical companies for decreased costs, efficiently investments and reduced risks.

In present, more and more companies outsource their services by CSO, which became popular because they allow companies to focus on their core business, choosing to outsource the services for some projects.

CSO (contract sales organization) - the outsourcing - has also become an increasingly powerfull trend in the Romanian market, demonstrated by the significant increase in business volume in this area and also the growing number of companies that subscribe to this service.

The pharmaceutical companies may supplement their labor force for short and medium terms by CSO (contract sales organizations), which make the transition from tactical resources to strategic partnerships, offering more flexibility and efficiency to meet their ambitious sales objectives.

CSO contracts allow pharmaceutical companies to transform fixed costs (such as investments in company cars, laptops and phones, etc) into variable costs, reducing costs, raising sales and permitting rapid access to the market.

One advantage is that the sales team can later be internalized by the partner company.

Activating as a Contract Sales Organization in the Romanian pharma market, GTS Solution has its own promotional and sales teams, an operational field force consisting of more than 60 medical representatives, sales representatives and area sales managers, led by an experienced field force manager

With more than 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical market and the skills acquired in some medical specialties, the GTS Solution’s representatives go straight to the target.